Shibari 縛り癒 Healing is an intense shamanic journey for all genders into empowered surrender & vulnerability for a return to original innocence.

The focus is on healing the inner masculine / feminine divide for sovereignty, unity and harmony to prevail.


This ritual journey embodies sexual shadow, surrender & presence, as core themes that allow the feminine inside your being, to feel safe to express her full range of emotions, while being witnessed without judgement, by your inner masculine consciousness.

Shibari 縛り癒 Healing ignites the fire within to burn and transform karmic blockages, empowering you to align your animal, erotic, emotional & mental bodies, with heart & soul, for a life in celebration of love! ボディ


 Bodhizapha Bold  ボディ is the first Shibari Master to Pioneer the Healing Power of the Shibari practice!

"Bodhi has something that can't be taught. May he stay on the path so that souls can be healed and peace may prevail" Osada Steve 長田スティーブ

Healing Background: Ritual Space Holder, Shamanic Practitioner, Sacred Intimate,

Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Tantric Yogi, Trauma Counsellor,

Specialist Intensive Care Nurse.

Certified in Tokyo by Shibari Grand Master Osada Steve Sensei (長田流)


Following his spiritual awakening Bodhi is following the 'Way of Fire' awakening other souls to their true potential in alignment with his own dharma.

"The shadow is the board game on which we play our life. Working on understanding and integrating our shadow is one of the essential journeys we must all make on the path of awakening” ボディ

Bodhi's core beliefs are based on the esoteric teachings of shamanism, tantra, yogic principles & his own attunement with universal energies and personal life experiences of healing, shamanic death / rebirth & soul embodiment initiations.


Shibari 縛り癒 Healing is for radical souls who want to land fully and manifest their soul purpose by diving into the shadow and integrating their dark eros and animal power to become whole & alive beings. 


  • Experience Empowered Surrender & Vulnerability

  • Embodiment of Sprit, Soul & Animal.

  • Emotional Release of Energetic Blocks

  • Deepen your Inner Union of Masculine & Feminine

  • Connect with your Inner Warrior / Dragon Power

  • Reclaim Ownership of your Life Force as a Sovereign Being

  • Release out dated belief patterns

  • Let go of Fear, Rage, Anger, Guilt, Shame & Self limiting judgements 

  • Explore Edges, Expand your Awareness & Comfort zone

  • Embody your Shadow NO & YES

  • Awaken to Original Innocence & Embrace Conscious Sexuality

  • Align with your Soul Journey & Life Purpose


This private 5 hour session is an intense shamanic descent journey involving sexual shadow work, emotional release, dark masculine & feminine activation, sound healing, guided meditation & shibari for an initiation into soul embodiment.



A shamanic healing journey into vulnerability, surrender, freedom & empowerment.


A safe and sacred healing space to explore and enjoy the world of Shibari.


For those dedicated to learning the art form from a healing perspective.


Live ceremonial performances of Shibari 縛り癒 Healing.

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