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Shibari 縛り癒 Healing Descent  - Shamanic Body > Soul Initiation

DESCENT is a journey into your core to initiate soul / body alignment to witness the deeper truth of your soul purpose.

This is a powerful shamanic initiation into empowered vulnerability and surrender to your depths:

  • Dropping your Soul (sword) into your Body (stone) for full embodiment of your divine potential

  • Claiming your birthright, your dragon power and freedom

  • The fast path to soul / body initiation, a lightening bolt transmission known in esoteric traditions as 'the Way of Fire' 

  • Grounding spirit into matter to empower your soul to manifest it's gifts

  • The physical body opening as a temple to receive the gifts of the soul

  • Your life force and desires reclaimed as a sovereign being

  • Deepening your inner marriage of masculine / feminine

  • Emotional clearing of Rage, Anger, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Self Loathing

  • A return to original innocence 

DESCENT being the opposite of Ascent and leaving the body through the crown into meditation - Rather a journey into your being, into form to reach the formless through full embodiment. Welcome to the underworld / your base, where all the power of your manifestation is stored. 

This 5 hour session is NOT for the light and love gentle types but for radical souls who want to land fully and manifest their soul purpose by diving into the shadow and integrating their dark eros and animal / dragon power to become whole and alive beings. 

This is the cutting edge of the Shibari 縛り癒 Healing practice as a result of having gone through a hellish descent process myself to ground spirit into matter and birth my unique soul. ​The way is to ground, not leave the physical plane in search of spirit. Your spirit is here!

This session is a very intense journey for Soul / Body initiation and deepening of the inner marriage of masculine / feminine, light and dark eros / sacred sexuality and vulnerability. The session involves sexual shamanism, sacred sexuality, shibari, sound healing, shadow work, dark masculine activation, emotional release, empowered surrender and vulnerability.  

This session offers initiation into the soul field to manifest your own reality as a sovereign and whole being.

All sessions are following a consultation process, discussing boundaries and finding your healing intentions.

The intention of every Shibari 縛り癒 Healing session is to reconnect you to your sovereign power by journeying into the forgotten lands of yourself to reclaim the lost parts of your soul. 

Your session takes place within a sacred ritual container of unconditional love. 


Shibari 縛り癒 Healing invites you for a journey into full embodiment, self empowerment, aliveness, courage, will power, determination, renewed self confidence, compassion, self love and self worth. Find harmony and peace between mind, body and soul.


It's time to be burning alive rather than living half dead, welcome to 'The way of Fire' !