A Shibari 縛り癒 Healing session can best be described as a shamanic shadow work ritual for spiritual sexual embodiment.

Shibari 縛り癒 Healing helps embody the shadow aspects of your being by working directly on the physical, emotional, energetic and mental bodies.

The purpose of a shadow work journey is to understand accept and integrate the darker repressed aspects of your nature.

The obstacles to shadow work and hence the energies released through a session relate to a catharsis of fear, guilt and shame related to sexuality, lack of self worth and limiting self belief patterns.

Shibari 縛り癒 Healing sessions are negotiated through consultation to take place within a container granting permission for sexuality / animal to dance with spirituality / soul - This creates a state that brings one into direct contact with feelings and energies that are shamanic - beyond the minds comprehension - the essence of your being.

The intention is to embody and align these energies within your conscious awareness such that shadow aspects of animal, soul and psyche become known accepted, loved and integrated.

The gold of journeying into a fully embodied state being a return to erotic freedom, empowerment, self love, soul sovereignty and the integration of repressed sexual shadow.

All sessions are negotiated following a consultation process to discuss boundaries and healing intentions.

This 5 hour session is for radical souls who want to land fully and manifest their soul purpose by diving into the shadow and integrating their dark eros and animal power to become whole and alive beings.

Welcome to a journey into sovereignty, empowerment, aliveness, courage, will, determination, renewed self confidence, compassion, self love and freedom.


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