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Shibari Healing is for singles, couples and any gender or transgender individuals wishing to explore surrender and vulnerability as a fast path to evolution ボディ

A Shibari Healing 縛り癒 session can best be described as:


A Shamanic Ritual Rite of Passage through Empowered Surrender & Vulnerability into Original Innocence. A journey for Soul Embodiment & Spiritual / Sexual Integration of Shadow.

Shibari Healing 縛り癒 helps embody the shadow aspects of your being by creating an intense physical, psychological, emotional state of vulnerability that when faced enables you to surrender into yourself & experience the truth that lies within.


"When under pressure who you are deep within comes out..that which is beyond story..that which is the boundless love of life, self & the infinite"  ボディ 

The purpose of a shadow work journey is to understand, accept & integrate the darker repressed aspects of your nature.

The obstacles to shadow work and heavy energies released through a session relate to a catharsis of fear, guilt & shame around sexuality, self abandonment and lack of self worth.

The gold of journeying with Shibari Healing 縛り癒 being a return to erotic freedom, the integration of repressed sexual shadow, the reclamation of embodied power & the deepening of self love.

“With all my heart I wish for many brave souls to go through this powerful journey. I feel a new sense of surrender to life & love, a new level of surrender has opened deep within me” R.T.

All Shibari Healing 縛り癒 sessions involve an in-depth consultation process to discuss resonance, alignment, boundaries & healing intentions.


Shibari Healing 縛り癒 sessions take place within an intimate loving container, granting freedom for sexuality / animal. To dance with spirituality / soul. This creates a state of being that brings one into direct contact with feelings and energies that are Shamanic - beyond the minds comprehension.


The intention is to embody & align these powerful energies so that shadow aspects of animal and psyche become known, accepted, loved & integrated within your heart and consciousness.

“Shadow is not so scary anymore. It’s simply part of me and I appreciate it. It even looks different and feels differently. It has the taste of love” K.W.


Welcome to the sacred dark, for a Soul Journey to ignite the inner fires of Sexual / Spiritual aliveness, courage, will, self worth, compassion, love, Sovereignty, Empowerment & Freedom!


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