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Unbeknown by most of us there is a super power hidden within vulnerability.

Without it we face the task of surrendering to life without knowing the truth of what we are

If we surrender to the dance of life then our will is the commitment to show up for what is aligned.

The courage to speak our truth comes from this deep knowing and vulnerability within oneself

This is the dark spirit the black hole that dances the stars

The known light of consciousness meeting the unknown infinite all powerful manifestation through this embodiment in duality.

Oneness is black and white, Masculine and Feminine, Sprit and Body, Outer and Inner, all witnessed as partners rather than opposites.

Surrender and Power, Fear and Strength the vulnerability is an ability to journey with all aspects of duality to create wholeness.

If you know yourself as spirit or as body, mind or animal, masculine or feminine come journey with ALL to know balance, peace, harmony and renewed celebration of life!


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