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Are you interested in studying Shibari 縛り as a Healing practice ?


Bodhi Zapha ボディ invites you to join him on tour or at his purpose built International Shibari Healing Dojo 縛り癒 in Bali.

All teaching sessions are a one on one ritual initiation for couples / rigger & rope model and last 5 hours.


Bronze Package $1650 USD - One shamanic initiation tuition journey with an experienced model at Bali 縛り癒 Dojo

Sliver Package $4500 USD - Three shamanic ritual tuition journeys with an experienced model at Bali 縛り癒 Dojo

Gold Package $6500USD - 1:1 Shibari Healing Session and Three shamanic ritual tuition journeys at Bali 縛り癒 Dojo 


While on tour Bodhi offers one on one ritual initiation for couples / rigger & rope model - The investment is 1650 USD - Riggers must provide their own model.


What to expect:

• A safe and sacred healing space to connect, explore and enjoy the world of Shibari 縛り癒

• Introduction to the way of Shibari, the history and the future as seen by Bodhi Zapha ボディ

• Shibari Healing 縛り癒 Journey

• Experience of many of the branches of Shibari including:

• Newasa - floor work

• Yoko-zuri -  side suspension

• Kazari-Nawa - Macrame

• Bo Shibari - Cross

• Introduction to Japanese concepts such as Kazushi and Ma

• A professional knowledge of Takate Kote and simple ties

• Masculine / Feminine Dynamics – Direction and Flow

• Rope safety and Setting Healthy Boundaries

• Conscious Touch and Non Verbal Communication Skills

• Giving & Receiving / Presence & Connection

• Shadow exploration

• Energetic release, Liberation of stuck Emotions, Embodiment & Harmony

• Awakening of the Senses working with Eros our natural Life Force

• Intense Meditation and Powerful Healing

• Experience Shibari as a tool to heal and clear the physical, emotional and energetic bodies from old conditioning, fear, guilt, shame & negative imprints around sexuality & relationships.

Only students who are dedicated to learning the art form from a healing perspective should apply.

Arigatou Gozaimasu ボディ

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