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Are you interested in studying Shibari 縛り as a Healing practice ?


Bodhi Zapha ボディ invites you to join him on tour or at his purpose built International Shibari Healing Dojo 縛り癒 in Ubud Bali.

All teaching sessions are one on one with Bodhi and last 4 hours.


Bronze Package $1000 USD - One tuition with an experienced model at Bali 縛り癒 Dojo

Sliver Package $2800 USD - Three tuitions with an experienced model at Bali 縛り癒 Dojo

Gold Package $5000 USD - Three tuitions and a one on one Shibari Healing Session at Bali 縛り癒 Dojo 


While on tour Bodhi offers private one on one tuition - The investment is 1000USD - Riggers must provide their own model.


What to expect:

• A safe and sacred healing space to connect, explore and enjoy the world of Shibari 縛り癒

• Introduction to the way of Shibari, the history and the future as seen by Bodhizapha

• Shibari Healing 縛り癒 Journey

• Experience of many of the branches of Shibari including:

• Newasa - floor work

• Yoko-zuri -  side suspension

• Kazari-Nawa - Macrame

• Bo Shibari - Cross

• Introduction to Japanese concepts such as Kazushi and Ma

• A professional knowledge of Takate Kote and simple ties

• Masculine / Feminine Dynamics – Direction and Flow

• Rope safety and Setting Healthy Boundaries

• Conscious Touch and Non Verbal Communication Skills

• Giving & Receiving / Presence & Connection

• Shadow exploration

• Energetic realise, Liberation of stuck Emotions, Embodiment & Harmony

• Awakening of the Senses working with Eros our natural Life Force

• Intense Meditation and Powerful Healing

• Experience Shibari as a tool to heal and clear the physical, emotional and energetic bodies from old conditioning, fear, guilt, shame & negative imprints around sexuality & relationships.

Only students who are dedicated to learning the art form from a healing perspective should apply.

Arigatou Gozaimasu ボディ